Growth Snack: How to Create Passionate Referral Customers

Episode 68 April 26, 2022 00:09:16
Growth Snack: How to Create Passionate Referral Customers
The Breakout Growth Podcast
Growth Snack: How to Create Passionate Referral Customers

Apr 26 2022 | 00:09:16


Show Notes

If you want to generate more raving fans for your business build a machine to understand what drives some of your users from awareness to white-hot enthusiasm. That is the theme of this week’s Growth Snack: The Breakout Growth Podcast Short with Sean Ellis and Ethan Garr. The ”Perfect Customer Loop” is a way to visualize the journey that evangelizer-customers follow as they try, use, and fall in love with your product. 


In our last Growth Snack, we talked about the trap companies often fall into when they achieve product/market fit but fail to understand it deeply enough to operationalize growth effectively. This conversation builds on that and will help you avoid that mistake while tapping into the emotions that drive users to your product’s must-have experience.


So jump in with us, and in less than 10 minutes you will learn how The Perfect Customer Loop can help you accelerate growth.

We discussed:


* “The Perfect Customer Loop”, a tool for dialing-in product/market fit (00:34)

* The value of visualizing retention and referral in action (02:56)

* How teams win with this exercise (04:03)

* Leveraging the learnings to improve speed-to-value  (05:23)

* Warning; don’t fall into this trap (05:41)

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